Yaops, who?

At the World University Games 2013, Kazan


Hi everyone!

My name is Yaops (Pronounce: Yow-pss), I’m  a national sprinter in the 4x100m relay team and also the founder/head coach of MaxForm. Besides my love for speed and power, I am also a coffee and food lover! Few years back, Kopitiam (a.k.a. coffee shop) are my source for coffee as they are much more affordable as compared to boutique cafes. Little did I know that I will venture into cafe hopping after that very faithful day during September 2013 when I visited my first cafe and I have been “hooked” ever since!

Ecclesiastes 9:7

Go, eat your bread with joy, And drink your wine with a merry heart; For God has already accepted your works

Despite my love for good food and coffee, I strongly stand by and advocate that “Energy Out > Energy In” is important and should be a lifestyle. Majority of the public will have the stigma that eating will lead to weight gain. Yes, it’s the truth, but a half truth. At the same time, it is often thought that I have a strict, no fats, no dessert etc. diet. On the contrary, I am always the first to say YES to those food!

Of course, I will have days where I need to keep my diet in check due to upcoming competitions and on days with lower training volume, but that doesn’t deter me from having my favourite food! The bottom line is to practice “Energy Out > Energy In” daily and making it a lifestyle eventually!

Therefore, this blog will contain all the cafes and eateries which I have visited, both in Singapore and Abroad. (Click here for the “Foodie Corner”)!

Hope you will enjoy this blog and come lepak with me in this journey!

[All photos are taken with my Sony Experia Z (past) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (current)]

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