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Always on a look out for new cafes,  I managed to spot Three Years In A Balloon as I was driving along Upper Paya Lebar Road while heading for my athletic training. Covered in full black, this prominent cafe was officially launched in 1st August 2014 and the brainchild behind them are owners of Wimbly Lu cafe at Serangoon.

Three Years In A Balloon is unlike any other cafes that simply sells cakes, coffee and desserts. Before dwelling into the creativity of their food, their metal sliding door is one of a kind (at least in my experience). This sliding door operates with a counter weight pulley system that closes automatically through basic physics principles. How cool is that!? Unfortunately, I didn’t think of taking a photo for illustration.  

Moving on to the menu. Options available were common and didn’t have a wide-spread of variety. They had the basics such as Coffee, Ice Cream, Waffles and some Savouries. On top of that, whatever that were displayed in the food bar were ‘what you see is what you get’. Sounds boring right???


Despite of simplicity, there was quality. I had latte ($4.5) and Waffles ($3.5) topped with Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream (additional $3) which I enjoyed thoroughly! A single shot of espresso in a 5oz portion cup may seal the deal for a good cuppa, however, many cakes just aren’t doing it right in my opinion. Thankfully, Three Years In A Balloon aren’t one of those cafes


Their waffle was fragrant, crisp and had a little fluff to it! Their home-made ice cream by their confectionery maestros was the bomb too! In addition, the maple syrup and butter complemented well. Simply lip smacking!


However, these weren’t their specialty per se. In fact, customized and decorative cakes were their trump card! Three Years In A Balloon swears to create and to amaze their customers by continually exploring new flavours yet at the same time using only naturally ingredients for their master pieces.


All in all, Three Years In A Balloon is a Cafe cum Confectionery. If you are looking for creative, memorable and eye-catching personalized cakes, this is the cafe for you!






Food and Beverage









163 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534857


Mon-Fri 12pm-730pm

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