The Roti Prata House At Upper Thomson Road

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The Roti Prata House

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Being a convenient and prominent spot, this is usually where I will dine for dinner/supper with my teammate after our training sessions. However, this time round I am here with my fellow IAAF CECS Level 1 coaches! If you haven’t noticed, all of our outfits were unintentionally colour coordinated, what a coincidence!!! Nah, just pulling your leg. In actual fact, we conducted a Kid Athletics session at Sembawang Primary School earlier in the day and came here for an early lunch, perhaps, brunch for some of them.

Lepak with yaops

Spot the clowns… =)


Ready for the feast…

There are many variety of Prata sold here in Singapore: Crispy, Soft & Chewy or mixture of both. Over here, they serve it the way I like – crispy! At the same time, my preference for Prata has ‘weight’ categories as well: Under (too thin), Acceptable and Over (doughy) weight. The one I had was ‘Acceptable’! The curry which they provided was brilliant too as it complimented well with the Prata.


While I ate Prata, others order items like Maggie Goreng and Nasi Goreng Ayam. The Teh Tarik was shiokadoo too as it wasn’t ‘sappy‘, diluted nor diabetes inducing!

Nasi Goreng Ayam

Maggies Goreng

teh Tarik

They also have a wide variety of Indian-Muslim food, so get ready to be spoilt for choices!










246M Upper Thomson Rd


Mon-Thurs and Sunday: 7am-2am
Fri: 24 Hours
Sat: Till 12am (Midnight)

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