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92) The Plain


First impression once I stepped in The Plain: Mixture of Bravery and Penny University.

As the name suggest (The Plain), the layout and design of the cafe is casual, unassuming and minimalist. It is such concept which draws me back or at least want to stay a little longer during my visits. The grey walls, simple furniture and shelves with magazines did give the cafe a homely feel. What’s evident was also the aroma of coffee which engulfed the whole cafe!

Without much effort in getting our seats, we were immediately attended by a smiley waitress even before we could look at the menu. I’ve gotta say that service was pretty quick as within minutes our lattes arrived. Coffee beans are from Genovese (Super Brazil), an Australian brand that marriages traditional Italian blending techniques with the ever demanding Australian Palate.

This is 2nd cafe which I’ve seen using this brand, thus I was a little apprehensive of it’s quality. Nevertheless, I shall not give the other cafe a bad name. Too my surprise, it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. With a mild to medium body, nice aroma and a gentle bitter-sweet after taste (probably from the milk too), I was pleased.

I didn’t order any food, however, it seems to me that poached eggs were their signature dish. On top of that, they also serve all day breakfast, which keeps the menu simple. As for those who has problems waking up early, well this cafe is meant for you!

Interestingly, despite taking our orders, they didn’t have a record of it. I guess this was intentional and the owner prefers building trust and integrity with their customers. Both lattes came out to be $8.4, odd pricing and not due to tax, but I am not complaining as I thought it will have been $4.5 each as it was in a town area.

Definitely a cafe worth coming back!


Outlook of cafe
















50 Craig Road #01-01

Singapore 089688

Open:Daily 7.30am – 7.30pm


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