The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland

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86) The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland


With a fairytale themed, this cafe is located along one of the most hipster part of Singapore, Haji Lane. Shop Wonderland is reopened recently and is a retail arm of Wonderland for Detailed Planners. Apart from being a lifestyle retail outlet, it is also a cafe, aka The Pantry. 

Honestly, I was at Haji Lane as I wanted to visit C.A.D cafe, but to my disappointment, it wasn’t open. So while walking down Haji Lane, this eye catching candy shop looking unit caught my attention and I decided to give it a try. 

I felt as though I was transcended into a whole new world the moment I stepped into the cafe. The ceilings are dangling with flower liked lamps, aesthetic looking cakes which doubled up as a decor and the shop is framed with foliage against the golden accents. In addition, the aroma of coffee was refreshing as well!

The cakes served are from Maple and Market, pastries are from Carpenter and Cook while coffee is from Highlander Coffee (Previously from Papa Palheta). As usual, I was there for coffee (Very light on coffee and lots of milk) and to get some work done. While being busy on my laptop, I overheard the waitress mentioning about these “Tiffany chairs” they have are actually rented out for events. This is something new to me! Never knew that these chairs are that sought after. 

On the second level is their retail store of all their decor products. All in all, there is The Pantry, Wonderland for Detailed Planners and The New Romantics (Floral and decor design) all under one roof! This is probably your one stop shop for future events planning!


Outlook of Venue

“Forest” – Day


Upper level for their Retail section
Cozy corner facing Haji Lane

Food and Beverages

Cakes and Pastries from Maple and Market

37 Haji Lane

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