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27) Symmetry


This Cafe is situated along Victoria St and is right at the entrance of the slip Road.

Love the concept of the Cafe. Feels like those shop houses next to a rail way…not sure if I’m making sense. But the “rugged” look seems to appeal much to me. And the place doesn’t feel cramped, so it’s nice.

Drinks was average, a little weak in the coffee taste. I guess the unique item that caught my eye was the metal straw which they served rather then the conventional plastic ones.






9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206) 


MON 1030 – 2100
TUE – THU 1030 – 2300
FRI 1030 – 0000
SAT 0900 – 0000
SUN 0900 – 2100


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