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Star Cinnamon @ Bugis Junction

Located at basement of Bugis Junction, among the ‘sea’ of food and snacks stalls, Cinnamon is one bakery that caught my attention. Despite being an athlete and a strength coach, I do actually have a sweet tooth and soft spot for snacks. With all that glaze coated buns, striking colours and fragrance of freshness saturating the air, how can someone actually resist such temptation???

I was actually on my way home after getting my new phone (Xiaomi MI 3) that I chanced upon this relatively new outlet. They have made their entry only recently in April 2014, thus an on going promotion to boost things a little. If I remember correctly, it was going for 4 at $8.50. Wanting a tasting portion and also a chance to blog about it, I bought the Cream Cheese and Original flavour instead, although I was tempted to fall for the promotion.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with how it tasted. Before sinking my teeth into it, I heated it up in the microwave and allowed it to cool off a little. The bread was fluffy and soft with a tinge of cinnamon flavour, while the portion of cream cheese was generous enough to ensure that every bite was accompanied with it.

Star Cinnamon is located just next to Cold Storage, so there is no way off missing out!











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200 Victoria Street B1-K2

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