Sing Yi Seafood Garden: Tze Char At Boon Lay

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Sing Yi Seafood Garden

A rare visit to the wild west of Singapore once again after coaching and I had to seize the opportunity! So here I am, at Kim San Leng for Tze Char. Kim San Leng is at the ground level of an industrial building which houses food vendors such as Sing Yi Seafood Garden.


This is their fourth outlet island wide – Bedok Reservoir Road, Tampines Street 11, Punggol Central and Boon Lay. The only located needed will be the South of Singapore!


I wasn’t expecting much or rather I didn’t know what to expect as I was brought to an industrial area for dinner! To my surprise, their menu and overall organisation looked professional. More importantly, all else facade may fail but the food has to deliver!!!

After browsing through the menu, we ordered the Cereal Chicken, Marmite Pork and Xiao Bai Cai. Despite the huge portion, golden brown exterior and fragrance of the cereal chicken, I wasn’t impressed. Rather, I felt a little cheated as it was mainly batter!!! Nevertheless, it was tasty and crispy.


Next was the Marmite Pork  served with a shiny glaze and on sizzling hot plate. I was satisfied with its taste. The pork was tender when I cut into a slice and I had a sinking feeling before I pop a piece. However, be it being a skilful use of tenderising powder or pure culinary skills, it was a thumbs up for me! My favourite Marmite Pork would be at this Tze Char place in Pasir Ris.


Besides these orders, here are some house special of Sing Yi Seafood Garden’s: Fried Imperial Pork Ribs In Fragrant Style ($12) and Creamy Prawn Fritter With Corn ($16). So check them out if you are planning to visit them.

On top of the satisfying food, we had a pleasant surprise too. We were actually served with pudding shortly after we completed our meals. Although it wasn’t a exquisite dessert, but I guess such added service is rare and what more it was on the house!

The area was very spacious and cooling too! The whole eating area was brightly lighted. This picture below is just part of the massive seating area!


After this, we went for Crispy Prata at Enaq which is similar to those at New Mahamoodiya in Simpang Bedok. So stay tune for this post!



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2 North Point Bizhub
01-12, Yishun Industrial Street 1,
Tel: 6694-6048


Daily 11am to 2.30pm and 5pm to 11.15pm

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