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98) Ronin


Found another modern industrial theme cafe, awesome! The brainchild(s) behind Ronin is the same for The Bravery and The Plain. All of their cafes have this rustic, homely and cozy feel. Also, there are no signage, no email address, no phone number, just walk on in for your brunch and coffee fix. Despite that, they never fail to attract the crowd, amazing right?

I like the idea of them having the waitress attending to you the moment you step into the cafe and showing you to your seat. To top it off, their relaxed and sincere manner helps you ease into the crowd almost immediately. Nice service!

The coffee blend used in these three outlets are from Genovese and somehow Ronin serves it best, or least the way I prefer it to be. I am not too sure about their brunch menu, however, all three cafes also have the same shelve that displays their sandwiches.

I love the location as well due to it’s accessibility, nice coffee, nice ambiance, design and hospitable service. Glad to have another fine cafe which is near the MRT station and within the CBD area!

So what does Ronin actually means? It means “In modern Japanese usage, the term also describes a salaryman who is “between employers” or a secondary school graduate who has not yet been admitted to university.” Hmm…after some thoughts, I still can’t find the link between the cafe and the name. What’s your thought?

To end off this post. There is something I didn’t like about this cafe and it’s the weak telco reception! The further I went in the cafe, the weaker it gets and it DISAPPEARED! Yeah, so if you are intending to tether and get things done, that’s probably not a place for it. However, I must say that I still love this cafe and will definitely go back again and again.


 Outlook of cafe







DSC_0037 DSC_0039











17 Hong Kong Street Singapore 059660


Tue – Sun 8am – 8pm


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