Rafeez Corner @ Amoy Street Food Centre: Teh Tarik Specialist

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Rafeez Corner

@ Amoy Street Food Centre

One of my favourite drinks during breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, hot and cold weather! Teh Tarik is my universal drink for any occasion. A good Teh Tarik should have a balanced blend of tea, evaporated milk and condense milk. Most importantly, it CANNOT be diluted. Many a times, vendors will economize by using less tea or more ice or too much condensed milk or simply too milky!

So if you want a good and solid cup of Ice Teh Tarik, give Rafeez Corner a try when you are at Amoy Street Food Centre one day!

By the way, Rafeez recommends his ginger teh tarik, so be sure to give it a try too!


Outlook of venue




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7 Maxwell Road

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