PitchStop Cafe

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67) PitchStop Cafe


Another place to chill if you are in the West and dropping by NTU. I went there with my friend as he stays in one of the hostel within in the campus. This is a concept cafe and bar is established by students since 2010 and serve’s this purpose

 “The establishment is a multi-faceted social space for social functions, business matchmaking, pitching and networking events, creating a focal point for aspiring entrepreneurs, industry experts and potential investors to meet, forge new relationships and exchange ideas.” 

It was packed with students when I went there at around 730pm. We shared a thin crust Cheeseburger Pizza which was charcoal grilled and I had a latte. Sadly, the one who took my order understood my request for ristretto, but the barista didn’t and made a remark “Just make normal one la”. It was a little entertaining though when I saw the confusion on his face and his “can’t be bothered” tone. 

Overall, it’s a decent place to chill, especially if you are in the school. Artease cafe was within the compound too, but it was closed at that hour.

Highlight of the night: Cheese Burger Pizza
Interior. Look at “them”, so spontaneous
Pizza menu and it’s charcoal grill
Beer anyone?
5.5/10 Latte
Supper is served
Wanna bite?




16 Nanyang Drive, NTU Innovation Centre B1
Singapore 637722



Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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