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“Percolate” = to pass slowly through something that has many small holes in it

Who says cafe hopping is a waste of time and money, I’ve learned a new word because I visited a cafe!!! Cheers =)

This humble cafe started around 28 March 2014 and is located at Bedok North. I was searching for a cafe in the east a few days back, coincidentally, a friend tagged me in his instagram post on his visit to Percolate. So, this has to be a sign for my new cafe entry! 

The moment I went in the cafe, I was engulfed by the thick coffee aroma and welcomed by the friendly barista, which I believe is the owner too. I ordered a 5 oz. latte ( they have 3 and 5 oz) and also requested for a shorter pull. Percolate uses beans from Papa Palheta (Terra Firma: Brazil Alta Mogiana, Guatemala Antigua La Flor, Ethiopia Sidamo Suke Quto) and is carefully designed to be an all-encompassing rounded coffee. It consist of nutty flavour with rich, vibrant notes, zesty lemon overtones and a bittersweet chocolate finish.  

Despite Papa Palheta being a popular brand amongst cafes, but I’ve got too many encounters which doesn’t do justice to their name, therefore I was a little apprehensive. 

While the barista was on his task, I started taking some shots and also chatted a little. I can sense his passion he has for his coffee and could see that each cup is made with meticulous care. Shortly, my latte was served and I am well pleased. It contains a single shot of ristretto in a 5 oz portion that tasted better than most cafes and even for those that serves in 2 shots in a 7 oz cup. During our conversation, the barista stated that he will calibrate his machine daily to achieve the flavour that he wants. It’s then that the idea of “everyone can sell coffee, but only a handful can sell good coffee” was reinforced.

Apart from that, seats in the cafe will be inconvenient for groups of 4 or more and variety of desserts/pastries are limited too. I really hope this cafe can withstand the test of time as we need more of such quality coffee cafes!


Outlook of venue



Wide Lense


Espresso machine
Weighing every once of goodness

Food and Beverages

5 oz latte
Nat Geo moment
Nat Geo moment
Nat Geo moment
Nat Geo moment


136 Bedok North Ave 3

#01-152B SINGAPORE 460136


Mon: 10:30 – 21:30
Wed – Thu: 10:30 – 21:30
Sat & Sun: 09:00 – 21:30
Closed: Tue

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