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Pasir Ris Block 446 Tze Char


 This is my favorite Tze Char stall in the East as there are a couple of dishes which I WILL ALWAYS order. I honestly and boldly proclaim that they have the BEST Marmite Pork Ribs, at least in the East, and also one of the most delicious Samba fried rice.

 There were two dishes that were my first try. Firstly this vegetable dish. It contains three types of eggs (Normal, Salted and Century Egg) cooked together with the vegetable in a soup base. Secondly, its their Prawn Paste Chicken. Frankly speaking, I’ve tasted much better versions.

I tried their crabs in the past and they are pretty tasty too. However, it comes with a price (you know what I mean). Nonetheless, will post them when I get to order the next time (Check out Old Airport Crab post here).

 To sum things up, their Marmite Pork Rib is a MUST TRY!


Double Thumbs UP!

3 eggs soup based Vegetable
Look at the gloss, colour and texture…
Dont judge a fried rice by it’s colour
Prawn Paste Chicken (1)

Prawn Paste Chicken (2)

Butter Crab!!!!



Blk 446, Pasir Ris Drive 6

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