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Keeping up with modern times, Owl International Pte Ltd has revolutionized and came up with their own cafes in Singapore! Over here, you will be expecting Straits Coffee Culture rather than Espresso, Latte etc. The Straits Asian region weaves from Penang through the Straits of Malacca and down to Java – cultural crossroads that influence and create eclectic mix coffee drinking language and rituals. 

For those who are new to Straits coffee, get ready to be amazed by the peculiar coffee language! For instant, Kopi-O Kosong = Black Coffee without sugar which is similar to a Long Black.

Earlier during their launch in the first few months, Kopi Luwak (most expensive coffee in the world), some calls it cat poos coffee, was available, however with their pledge to anti cruelty to animals, they have removed this since then. 

As for the concept of the cafe, I must say that I’m quite impressed. It has the new edge hipster concept despite it’s Kopitiam reputation, which I believe will draw in the younger generations and introducing them to this reputable brand! Meanwhile, those who grew up with Owl brand coffee can reminiscence the good old times while basking in the modern hipster cafe!

We had  a Charcoal Roasted Coffee (about $3.80), Coffee with Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) (About $4) and Iced Kopi C (about $3.5). I can’t really recall the pricing though. My order was the Charcoal Roasted Coffee. It’s one of those rare times where I will order a long black, but it is definitely one of the more pleasing ones. Mild fragance, had a medium body and low in acidity.

On top of that, Owl Cafe do sell traditional Hainanese food as well.

Definitely worth the visit.













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