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96) Oriole Coffee Roasters


The Ultimate breakfast: Kaya Butter Toast, Soft Boiled Eggs and Coffee

Right now, you may be thinking wants so special about it and also what it has got to do with Oriole Coffee Roaster right? But this is not your typical breakfast set found in Yakun or Toast Box. It’s called Straits Seven Set. Apparently, it comes with a cup of Kopi made with quality Espresso in a traditional cup complete with latte art, with a pair of 62 degree Sous Vide eggs using farm fresh, hormone and antiobiotic free eggs and handmade kaya on traditional bread.

Keith, owner of Oriole, wanted his coffee to reflect and resemble the local Hainanese Kopi. As such, he decided to deconstruct our local Kopi into its primary ingredients and reconstructed it into the Straits Seven. Reason for using butter and corn during roasting of the Hainanese Kopi was to give additional flavour to the beans of inferior grade. What Keith did was he formulated a secret blend of corn, butter and sugar and reconstructed the Kopi using Arabica beans. This unique Oriole’s drink is made with black pepper, butter, sea salt, condensed milk and a shot of Oriole’s Yellow Bird Espresso.

I personally ordered Latte (boring right?). Tasted a little weak, something like how Chye Seng Huat Hardware would pull their shots. But if you like such intensity of coffee, then this is definitely a good place to chill. Apart from that, what I like about this place is ambiance and set up.

Situated among old shop houses, you will walk through a traditional swing door and be engulfed by the aroma of coffee. Looking up, you will noticed their version of chandeliers which contains old artifacts such as coffee grinder, coffee sock, lamps and etc. At the back of the shop is their roaster, named as Ella, where fresh batches of coffee are roasted weekly.

Oriole is truly a fusion of traditional Hainan style and modern hipster cafe!


Outlook of cafe

















10 Jiak Chuan Rd
Singapore 089264


Daily 830am-7pm

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