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Wanted to explore a new cafe for a cuppa to chill out on a Saturday, and I managed to find One Man Coffee as I was around Thomson. It’s kinda out of sight if you were to drive past casually as it is situated within a pizza place and parking was a bane during lunch time!

As we arrived at the cafe, it was overwhelmed with a crowd. Nonetheless, we managed to get our seats shortly. To me, a crowd definitely speaks volume of it’s popularity and probably good standard, nevertheless, never judge a book by it’s cover.

While looking at the menu, the word “Magic” caught my attention as I remember my friend telling me about it during his visit to Stranger’s Reunion. Out of curiosity, I clarified about it during my orders. Indeed, their beans are from Stranger’s Reunion (Chakra blend (Brazil, Ethiopian Sidamo, Guatemala beans) and to top it up, it’s served with double ristretto! 

I also ordered a Butter Croissant (pronounce as kwa-song) as I wanted to compare it with Lola’s Cafe’s. Guess what, my vote still goes to Lola’s.

Overall, it was a nice afternoon accompanied with good company and a solid tasting cuppa!


Second visit today.

The blend that for my latte consisted of beans from Brazil and Columbia roasted Axil Coffee Roaster (Melbourne) and had an interesting flavour. Besides its light-medium body and nutty flavour, it also ended with a “winy” (wine) note to it. This is my first time experiencing it and I love it!

“Black Gold”
National Judo Player
Double Magic
Butter Croissant with ham and cheese
Butter Croissant with ham and cheese
Butter Croissant with ham and cheese
Cakes anyone?
A necessity despite a hot and humid afternoon on 10/5/14
Coffee on a mission
Blend from Axil Coffee Roaster!



Mon: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wed – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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