No Name Teh Sarabat At 21 Baghdad Street

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No Name Teh Sarabat

(Since 1956)

Tucked at a little corner of 21 Baghdad Street is this humble and unpretentious Teh Sarabat stall, which happens to be one of the oldest surviving milk tea (sarabat) stalls in town since 1956. The fact that it doesn’t have a sign board, the term “No Name” Teh Sarabat eventually became the stall’s name.

Firstly, what does ‘Sarabat’ mean? Through my research, I’ve managed to find a couple of explanations.

Source 1: “Sarabat is apparently a Malay or Singlish word for tea or coffee that is prepared by ‘pulling’ it back and forth just like the process of making Teh Tarik.”

Source 2: Origin of Teh Tarik “They added milk to sarabat (a kind of tea obtained from tea powder sold by the Chinese in the past)”

Source 3: “Sarabat are basically stalls that only sells Teh Tarik.”

From the looks of it, a combination of source 2 & 3 seem to be an appropriate and accurately explain what is a Teh Sarabat stall.


Secondly, Teh Tarik is basically the pulling of the brewed Cylon Tea to help cool it down and also allowing the concoction (tea, condense milk ,milk) to be sufficiently mixed.  It also helps to give Teh Tarik its distinctive frothy appearance!


There are also some Indian snacks which you may buy to go along with your frothy cup of Teh Tarik. What I like about them would be the well balanced combination of condense milk and tea, coupled by the fact that they are at a nice quiet spot!


21 Baghdad Street


Daily: 06:30 – 00:00

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