New Mahamoodiya Restaurant (NMR): Best In The East 2

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New Mahamoodiya Restaurant (NMR)

Supper time! Simpang Bedok is really one of my favourite places to hang out till the wee hours. This place is packed with a wide variety of food from Western, Asian and local food! 

Tonight, I was there for Prata by New Mahamoodiya Restaurant. You may be wondering what’s so special about this Prata since I already have Mufiz‘s Prata which is just down the road from where I stay. Well, this is one of the three stores which I know in Singapore that serves their Prata as though they are biscuits!  On top of that, they also serve a portion of sweet chilli gravy that blends PERFECTLY with the curry and Prata! Teh Tarik was perfect too!

What are you waiting for? 

Food and Beverages

Prata + Sweet Chilli + Curry + Teh Peng = Paradise!

335 Bedok Rd (Simpang Bedok)
Singapore  469510

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