Bottomless Portafilter: Naked Coffee 2

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(Naked) Bottomless Portafilter



Bottomless or normal portafilters? Well, they are both the same just that the bottomless version has the spouts removed – showing the ‘naked’ bottom of the basket that holds the coffee. With this portafilter, you will be able to observe the entire extraction process, and thus diagnose any problems with shot extraction.

So on your next trip to a cafe, take a look at the type of portafilter used for extracting your shot.

If it’s a bottomless type, then here are some areas which can identify if the shot is pulled nicely:

  • The colour during extraction — A perfect shot should have an even, golden to reddish brown colour that starts to blonde (lighten in colour) around 25 to 30 seconds.
    • Blonde colour from the start could indicate that the grind is too coarse
    • Too dark a colour could mean that the grind is too fine or the dose is too much
  • Extraction should start evenly from all corners and eventually congregate in the middle into a nice creamy flow. If otherwise, this could indicate uneven tamping.
    •  ‘Channeling’ is when water is flowing through a spot of least resistance leading to under extraction

Hope this brings new insights as you enjoy your cafe hopping and lepak experience!

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