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Menya Mushashi Ramen

Ramen lovers alert! Menya Mushashi is a ‘must-visit’ ramen stall which is at Raffles City! Originally from Japan, Menya Mushashi was established in 1996 and named after the legendary samurai, Miyamoto Musashi.

There are three types of broth to choose from: Black (black sauce), Red (spicy) and White (original). To have such rich tasting broth, it requires a painstaking 9 hours of boiling and constant stirring process before reaching customers. My personal favourite would be the red broth as I prefer a little ‘kick’ of spiciness to go with my springy ramen.

  During my visits, I will usually Cha Shu Tsukemen with red broth ($14.90) with 3-4x of noodles depending on my appetite! A regular portion will be 120g of ramen, while 5x will be 600g. Meanwhile the cold ramen is served in a bowl, the hot broth is served in another smaller bowl. To eat it, you will have to take a portion of ramen, dip it in the broth and that’s Tsukemen style! Apart from their ramen and broth, the Cha Shu is quite incredible too as it has that charred fragrance.


Cha Su Tsukemen

This is definitely a place to come as the price is reasonable, portion is awesome and taste great!





Cha Su Tsukemen


Cha Su Tsukemen




252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City, #01-16
Singapore 179103
Mondays to Sundays
11.30am till 10.00pm

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