Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation 1

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Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

Before I start proper on this post , let’s get the basics right. Llaollao is pronounced as “Yow Yow”. Alright, let’s begin.

Originally from Spain, Llaollao is a Frozen Yogurt, claimed to be natural and as one of the healthiest dessert in this day and age.

Check out the craze…

Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

Good news for the healthy conscious as it is made from skimmed milk (low-fat) and paired with toppings such as fruits, cereals, crunchy toppings and sauce. Llaollao also boast of its  nutritional values (per 100g) of having 175mg of calcium (46% of RDA), 20g of Carbohydrates (11g as sugar), 1.6g of fats (0g of Trans fat) 3g of Protein and 103kcal.

Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

They have six category of choices: Smoothie ($5.9), Smoothie with yogurt ($6.9), Sanum ($6.9), Sensation ($5.9), Granillao ($4.9) and Petitllao ($2.5).

Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

I went for the Sensations (with orange ice crush) which I didn’t really fancy much. I love the creamy, thick and smooth texture, and mildly sweetened flavour of the yogurt. However, the orange ice crush and syrup were the ‘spoilers’ as they were diabetic causing.

Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

My friends had the Sanum, which has crunchy toppings, fruits and chocolate-nutella sauce which was sinful on for the waistline, but satisfaction guaranteed.

Llaollao: New Frozen Yogurt Sensation

Personally, the price is a little steep for yogurt, and not too sure how long this new fad will last. Nonetheless, if I were chance upon Llaollao again and satisfy moments of sweet cravings, I will just have the frozen yogurt without any add-on.


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