Kway Chap @ New Leaf Park Paradise

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Kway Chap @ New Leaf Park Paradise (Siglap)

One of my many visits to my favourite and best Kway Chap place in the East! This is also located at the same coffee shop as the Yong Tau Foo and Curry Fish Head stall next to Siglap shopping centre. 

The internal organs are nicely marinated and braised to perfection. I could taste the tinge of black sauce together with other spices and the texture is chewy, soft but still packs with some tension.

In addition and importantly, the porky smell has been eliminated through the cooking process. The chilli wasn’t too spicy nor sour too, which blends nicely with the organs.

Lastly, the soft and smooth (didn’t have that doughy texture) Kway was complimented with the aromatic fragrant gravy (soup)! Well Done!!!  

You should come and try it!


Master Chef





736 East Coast Rd (next to Siglap Centre)

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