Kok Sen Restaurant @ Keong Siak Road

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Kok Sen Restaurant

@ Keong Siak Road

Firstly, a brief history of Keong Siak. In the past, Keong Siak has a bad reputation (a.k.a. red light district in the old days), however, times has changed and it has been cleaned up by anti-vice. Right now, it has turned into a vibrant spot for food and boutique hotel.

Kok Sen Restaurant is no stranger in this vicinity. They have been operating in these pre-war shop houses for the longest time. Over here, food are served in Cantonese style and at the same time, Kok Sen is named as one of the Top/Popular tze char places in Singapore. Apart from its reasonable pricing and food, they are also known to serve your-not-so-typical dishes.

Here are some of their atypical dishes: Claypot Yong Tau Fu, Big Prawn Crispy Noodles and Stir-fried Fish Head and Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce.

Having said that, we (7 of us) carried on with the typical dishes such as Har Chiong Gai and San Lou Hor Fan. Among these dishes, Spinach cooked with Salted Eggs & Century egg and Har Chiong Gai were my favourite. It was my first time having the spinach and I thought that the broth was tasty. As for the chicken, it was good as I could taste the prawn paste but a pity that it was a little dry and chicken parts were small. I still prefer Bee Kia’s Restaurant

In total, we paid $65 (Including rice) for 5 dishes.


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30 Keong Siak Road


Daily: 11:30 – 22:30

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