Killiney Kopitiam: Traditional Hainanese Food

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109) Killiney


This old school, traditional Hainanese kopitiam is officially founded in 1993 at Killiney Road (near Somerset Mrt) and has a history since 1919. Back then, it was a simple and humble coffee shop which sells their famous charcoal grilled bread and warm beverages. With such quality, one of their regular patrons, Mr Woon, decided to buy over the shop and named it as Killiney Kopitiam in 1993. So this is the brief history of this place.

Since then, Killiney Kopitiam has extended their menu offering to a wider variety of local delicacies such as mee siam, mee rebus and nasi lemak. More importantly, the skills in making good kaya, bread toast, coffee and tea was being passed down till today! With that, I am sincerely grateful as I was able to have a taste of what’s traditional and awesome toasted bread!

With modernisation and marketing tactics, similar places such as Toast Box etc. also offers such delicacies. However, I can confidently say that Killiney’s Toasted Bread is the best. Why? Firstly, the fragrance from the charcoal gives the bread an added dimension, bread has substance and is thicker than a ‘Thick Toast’, kaya and butter blend brings ‘shiok‘ to a whole new level, thus making their toasted bread formidable and out-of-this-world!

On top of that, their toast set is $4.50 which is cheaper and taste better than their competitors. I hope that such quality Hainanese food will be preserved and passed on to future generations.













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