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Jerry’s BBQ And Grill

I was all excited when I got invited for food tasting at Jerry’s as BBQ and Grilled food is one of my favourite cuisine! Jerry’s has been around for about 20 years now, with two outlets situated at Club Street (approx. 10 years) and Jalan Kayu (flagship outlet).

This American food outlet was first established by a retired American pilot, which explains the plane deco hanging on the ceiling. From its layout, colour theme and together with authentic American food, Jerry’s (the first owner) is all about having an American dining experience.

During our time there for lunch, we were entertained by Joseph (son of the current owner of Jerry’s) and managed to try out some of Jerry’s hot sellers. 

First up was Hot Buffalo Wings , which was offered in 6 levels of spicy-ness. As we will be having competition the next few days, we were conservative and went for level 3 instead. Being Asians, I guess our tastes buds have been well-trained since young to withhold spicy food. I guess level 4-5 would have been a little more challenging as level 3 was a piece of cake. In any case, it was the BEST Wings I’ve ever tasted! Portion was good, super appetizing, batter was crisp and meat was juicy! We also had Fried Mushrooms (button mushrooms). Caution: beware of hot juices within the mushrooms. Cut it up before you eat it.

For mains, we had the Triple Special which consisted of 1/4 chicken, Ribs and 180grams of USDA Ribeye Steak together with baked potatoes as sides. The Ribs tasted well as it had a good bbq fragrance and flavour while the meat fell off the bone with ease. Chicken and Steak was decent. Joseph also recommended their Pulled Pork Quesadilla which tasted great and fillings were generous too.

Lastly, we rounded up our sumptuous meal with their house special and hot seller, Sticky Date Pudding! It was out-of-this-world! The caramel sauce was insanely good! Cold vanilla ice cream + warm pudding + caramel = heavenly! However, I was too shy to ask for one more. Nevertheless, it being a hot seller means that you gotta have your lucky pendant with you or else be prepared to go home empty-handed.

Once again, thank you for the invitation and warm hospitality!



















92 Club Street
Singapore 069460


277 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799505


Daily 12pm-1130pm

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