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111) Ice Edge Cafe


Ice Edge Cafe is located near Kovan MRT and just a road away from Lola’s Cafe. It is quite prominent as it has an orange ‘roof top’ and is seated at the corner of the residential block just next to the round about. It’s quite a simple and cozy cafe, with orange and black as their main colours.

This is actually my 3rd time visiting them and it’s always after dinner simply because they serve desserts, spacious and opens till relatively late. Their specialty will be their self created artisan Gelato, Waffles and Lava Cakes. They do serve mains as well over here. So if you are looking for a complete meal in a comfortable location, this is the place for you!

This time round, I had the Mao Shang Wang flavour and Lychee Rum (forgotten it’s exact name). I prefer the Mao Shang Wang as it was creamy and thick, whereas the Lychee Rum tasted pleasant but was too flaky for my preference.

Do check out their Facebook page as they will have occasional promotion on lunch and desserts!











2 Kovan Road
Simon Plaza, #01-10, S(548008)


Daily 12pm-12am

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