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40) Habitat Coffee

27/8/14 (Revisited)

With all the hype and rave about Habitat, I simply had to revisit them!

Had their latte and desserts. Both tasted great! Coffee was strong in flavour, earthy and with hint of chocolate. While the chocolate dessert had bitterness of dark chocolate, was thick in texture yet melts easily in the mouth the moment I ate it!

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)

By the way, they have two house blends and this cuppa was served with The Carpenter’s blend.

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)

Other desserts we had were Waffles with Chocolate Ice Cream, Affogato and Truffle Fries! That’s the perks of going in a group as we get to have a taste of everything!

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)

Waffles with Chocolate Ice Cream

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)

Affogato with Chocolate Ice Cream

Frankly, both tasted out-of-this-world! The Ice Cream was rich in flavour and creamy, yet not jelak while the blend of espresso with it was simply matched made in heaven! Truly impressed with the quality for their desserts.

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)

Habitat Cafe is perpetually packed with a crowd and definitely gives their neighboring competitors a run for their money!

So if you are intending to come in groups of more than 4, I guess it will be better to make a reservation first (only if they allow such service). Otherwise, you may head to the other nearby cafes such as One Man Coffee, November 8 and Oz Specialty that serves good coffee too!




Food and Beverage

Habitat Cafe (Revisit)


223 Upper Thomson Road


Tue – Fri: 11:00 – 22:30
Sat – Sun: 10:30 – 22:30
Closed: Mon

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