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Grandma’s Delish Local Delights

With a tagline “It’s so local”, be ready to savour delicious and authentic local cuisine here at Grandma’s! I came back to Grandma’s (Raffles City) for lunch this time round with an ongoing lunch promo of $7.90 only. This time, I had Cereal Curry Chicken with Rice.

Grandma's Delish Local Delights

Mmm…sedap! Rice was richly wrapped with coconut fragrance, ah char was fresh and crunchy and the chicken was tender yet crispy. 

By the way, here is the picture of my champion team after 10 weeks from the first post entry!

(Continue reading to find out more about it)

Grandma's Delish Local Delights

Started coaching this team in early Sept 2014. Since session 1, the captain had constantly shared with me his vision and goal that is to win the championship this year. The task ahead seemed daunting as training sessions were minimal and their previous placing weren’t fantastic.

However, after 10 sessions with them, we managed to sweep the titles with 4 Golds (out of 6 categories), 2 silvers and 2 Bronzes. They showed me what tenacity and hunger were and they made it through!

It was surreal to witness such improvements as they only got a handful of medals last year without any guidance from any coach.

Sept 2014

Here I am at Jurong Point after my track and field coaching session for a corporate team. Somehow or rather, I was craving for something local for the night, at the same time comfortable enough for some work and planning.

While getting my bearings right in this gigantic and unfamiliar mall, I chanced upon Grandma’s eatery. In addition, they were having an ongoing promotion, thus this was the ‘perfect’ place for the night.

While looking through the menu, I was tempted to order most of their signature dishes! In the end, I decided to try out their Hor Fun ($5.8) and Chendol.

Grandma's Delish Local Delights

Grandma's Delish Local Delights

The Hor Fun was delicious as it had the mildly burnt flavour (wok hei), smooth kuey tiao, gravy was thick and clouded with egg.

Grandma's Delish Local Delights

Meanwhile, the Chendol was just alright.

For my next trip to Grandma’s, I will definitely order the Curry Chicken, Rendang and Nasi Lemak! Just having the thought of it makes me salivate.


Grandma's Delish Local Delights


Grandma's Delish Local Delights

Grandma's Delish Local Delights


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