Mee Reebus by Geylang Corner Food Stall @ Geylang Serai 3

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Geylang Corner Food Stall

@ Geylang Serai

One of favourite malay cuisine, Mee Rebus, which is literally translated as boiled noodles. This traditional dish is mainly made up of yellow egg noodles, mildly spicy and sweet curry like gravy and garnished with hard boiled egg, calamansi limes, spring onions, tau kwa, fried shallots and bean sprouts.

Although it may seem like a simple dish, however, a well mixed gravy can make or break your eating experience. This potato based gravy is a mixture of curry powder, water, salted soybeans, dried shrimps and peanuts. With many competition around, this is probably the best Mee Rebus you can find in Geylang Serai.

What make their gravy so special? Personally, I like its level of viscosity and not too watered down. Next, it is packed with fragrance and well balanced flavour as compared to the usual overpowering of either dried shrimp or peanut.

On top of that, at $4 with added shredded chicken and noodles, it managed to satisfy my hunger despite having a training session earlier. What’s unique to this stall is that they have the Mee Rebus Special which basically has an add on of six satay at $4.5 only. However, instead of having their Mee Rebus Special, we ordered 10 mutton satay separately which cost $0.50 per sticks.

Will definitely come back for more when I am within the vicinity the next round!


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