Fish Ball Noodle @ Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre

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Fish Ball Noodle

@ Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre

What was supposed be a simple lunch after my training session turned out to be something more to it. It was a typical Saturday afternoon, with no special plans made and all famished after relay training, we headed to a nearby hawker centre for a simple meal.

Trying not to be a typical Singaporean, I went for the shortest queue or rather the one that didn’t had any queue.


Very often, we have the stigma that such stalls serve food of an average standard. However, as I approached the stall, I noticed that there were some accolades displayed and the starting price for the noodles is $2. Where are you able to find such price at this day and age, especially while living in the world’s most expensive city?


At the same time, we often equate cheap food=poor quality. Without the need of any debate, the noodles spoke for itself. It was springy, nice blend of ketchup and bits of crunchy pork lard for a boost!


The hawker was generous with his fish balls too. On the side, I ordered a bowl of meatballs which were self made rather than those conventional factory production. Sadly, the balls didn’t manage to bounce of the table when I tossed it…you get what I mean.


All in all, $4.5 for a big bowl of noodle, fish balls and meatballs sealed the deal for me!








527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560527

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