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Eighteen Chefs

This is not your typical restaurant or eatery that just serves food and drink, but has an inspiring and heart warming story behind it. The brainchild of Eighteen Chefs is Benny Se Teo, who was a former drug addict and convict, wants to use his story in helping troubled youths and convicted criminals reintegrate into society through positive work experience. 

Eighteen Chefs has worked with other social agencies both locally and regionally to help create this awareness and to provide a platform for these group of people to realize their talents in the Food & Beverage industry. They strongly believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental working environment that can aid in their recovery of their past and eventually having a happier and purposeful path in life.
This particular outlet which we visited after school is located in Tiong Bahur Plaza. It was my second visit and there will always be a waiting queue without fail. I believe it’s by them keeping their price competitive and service efficiency that keeps students and families coming back for more. 
Eighteen Chefs mainly serves up Western style cuisine, even their signature Heart Attack Fried Rice is created with a blend of Western flavour! This is definitely a dish that I will want to try on my next visit! At the same time, they have breakfast options that serves till 6pm daily! During our visit, all of us went for the “Make It A Combo” (includes drinks and ice cream) meal which was available at a cheaper rate for students, and a further discount if you are from PSB Academy (This is probably the main reason why I love my school) . Hooray!
Definitely worth a try, decent food at affordable price!

Outlook of venue

Food and Beverages

Cheese Baked Rice with Omelete
Cheese Baked Rice with Omelete
Pasta with Chicken and Omelete
Curry Spaghetti with hot dogs
Spaghetti with omelet and meat balls


How to order your combo
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