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68) Dutch Colony Coffee Co.


Located within PasarBella (The Grandstand at Turf City), which was like a “farmer’s market”,  Dutch Colony indeed is a gem! Knowing that I am a hard to please coffee drinker, but the first sip made the deal. It was very much like Brawn and Brains. The smoothness, body, fragrance, flavour (tinge of nutty and chocolate) and mild acidity of the coffee were well balanced and I was in nirvana for a moment! Because of that, I was so tempted to buy the beans homes, but thankfully I didn’t since I don’t have a basic espresso machine at home. 

This is the Brawn and Brains of the West! Be sure to pop by.

Wide variety of Beans
High Seats
Best in the West
200 Turf Club Road Stall #67-68
PasarBella @ The Grandstand
Singapore 287994

Daily: 9.30am to 7pm

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