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134) Dutch Colony Coffee Co.


From the West to the East, one of my favourite and finest (my preference) cafe is finally within my reach! The fact that many cafes serve coffee using beans from Dutch Colony Coffee Co., (such as November 8, Tian Kee Co. and Craftsmen Specialty just to name a few) do speak volume about the quality and flavour of their blend.

Among the few blends which Dutch Colony Coffee Co. serves, I actually prefer their house blend that consist of Ethiopian, Brazilian and Columbian as it has that caramel syrupy, earthy and chocolate flavour. 

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Comparing to the original branch at Pasarbella (Turf City), I actually prefer the former as their latte is served with two shots of Ristretto whereas Frankel serves only one shot. Is this a marketing strategy for saving cost or matching to customers’ preference? I hope it’s the latter. Despite falling below my expectation in terms of its ‘strength’ or ‘kick’, it was still a good cuppa!

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

I love the fact that cafe is relatively spacious as compared to most cafes in Singapore. At the same time, the rustic looking theme with wooden layout never fail to attract me. Beautified by a chandelier and also a seating corner mimicking an alfresco style, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. definitely stands out among the other shops. WiFi is available as well, therefore making a suitable spot to get some work done!



Design of the menu matches the entire concept of the cafe too.



Besides coffee, I ordered a Pecan Choco Pie ($8) to go along with it. It was rich, creamy and had a layer of caramel between the crust and chocolate, shiokness!



Lastly, it was my first time encountering this huge french press (The Steampunk Mod) looking gadget in a cafe. Perhaps, you may like to try it out the next time you are here!






Food and Beverage





Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230


Sun-Thu: 8am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-10pm


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