Drips Bakery Cafe: Tarts Specialist

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76) Drips Bakery Cafe


Finally venturing at one the many cafes within Tiong Bahru. I was probably meant to come here today. Why so? Earlier on, I actually decided to venture Stateland Cafe at Bali Lane, however, it was packed and my friend didn’t manage to get a parking lot. So we decided to just try out Tiong Bahru even though we may end up in the same situation. 

Exited the expressway, turned into Tiong Poh Road and there was the ONE and ONLY lot left among the whole stretch of road. What’s the bonus? It was right in front of the cafe and it’s free parking (on a Sunday)! Even thought the cafe was packed, we managed to get hold of the ONLY table left. Hallelujah indeed! 

Everything was just perfect, until the latte arrived. It was like…milk… :'(( I thought to myself, why is this happening? haha. The set up that lead me to Drips Bakery was perfect, but why the bad coffee. Wanting to justify this trip, I ordered their tart since they are the tart specialist. I ordered the Baked Chocolate De Tart even though it wasn’t the prettiest amongst the dessert. 

So here it is…but first…let’s take some pictures! 

Here we go, the first bite. Wow! As it was chilled, the chocolate was thick, slight cocoa bitterness and not jelak. In addition, the crust tasted as though I was eating a cookie, brilliant! It was totally worth it’s price tag of $6.80. 

While eating and chatting, I decided to fiddle with my newly bought 3 in 1 clip on lenses for my phone. It has the wide (0.67x), macro and fisheye. Since we are having food, so I tried using the macro lens. Pretty cool effect and I’m loving the purchase.
All in all, it was a good experience as the dessert was the saving grace despite the disastrous coffee. 

Baked Chocolate De Tarts
“Excavation in progress”
Baked Chocolate De Tart
Macro view of the chocolate dust. How cool is that?
“Digging deeper” – Macro view
Marble Cake
Tiger skin for sale…kidding! It’s the marble cake
What was I looking at??
Still looking…Actually, I was a selfie
Milk….I mean Latte
Just some of their dessert
Barista that looked very restless and not passionate with his coffee


82 Tiong Poh Road #01-05

Mon, Wed & Thu: 10.30am – 9.30pm
Fri: 10.30am – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 9.30pm

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