D’Journal Coffee Bar In Jakarta, Indonesia

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124) D’Journal Coffee Bar

9/8/14 [4 of 6]

Over here, I am at my 4th cafe at ‘Coffee Paradise’ on my second day. D’Journal, from Ismaya Group, is in a mall and has al fresco seating too! Totally love this concept of having a cafe in a shopping mall and being able to people watch. Don’t get wrong idea when I talk about ‘people watching’. I’m referring more towards basking in the positive and lively vibes of the whole atmosphere. Another pleasant note was the constant whiff of coffee aroma that was coming from the coffee brewing.

Can’t really think of a cafe in Singapore that resembles D’Journal. Nevertheless, this is another hipster looking cafe that sells coffee (wide variety of selections), dessert, mains and savouries. The cafe gave me the impression of sipping coffee and eating cakes in a backyard/garden while let time past as it is.

D'Journal Coffee Bar

On the other hand, I wasn’t really impressed with the coffee despite the positive note about the ambiance. The cakes were delicious though.


35,000 Rupiah per cup


Fried Rice


Some cakes

Nevertheless, it was a great time meeting up with my friend’s family and their children!







Food and Beverages

IMG_20140807_200024 IMG_20140807_200223





Lantai Ground, Jl.
Puri Indah Raya, Puri Indah, Jakarta




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