Curry Fish Head @ New Leaf Park Food Paradise

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Curry Fish Head

@ New Leaf Park Food Paradise

This stall is quite secluded and will not be noticed most of the time. It is situated at the corner of a coffee shop, which is at the far end of the row of shop houses along East Coast Road (Next to Siglap Centre). But that doesn’t deter me from my food hunt! 

It’s quite difficult to find nice curry fish head (or Fish Head Curry) nowadays. I like those that are creamy and thick, which also contains generous portion of coconut milk but yet not over powering the spices of the curry! The fish head was rather fresh too as the meat was taut. A sign of a delicious curry fish head will be the time where I drink, yes DRINK, the curry! 
I ended the cool night with a warm teh tarik, best!
Boiling pot of curry
Top view
Located at the corner of the Coffee shop at 736 East Coast Road
Meet the man behind the scene!
736 East Coast Rd (next to Siglap Centre)

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