Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar: Perfect Place To Wind Down

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84) Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar


Strategically located further away from it’s competitors that are nearer along North Buona Vista Road, Curbside is 3 weeks old at Biopolis, Nucleos building. Curbside’s concept blends the features of a classic American diner and modern day coffeehouses.

It was 6pm when I arrived and the cafe only had one family, which happened to be the owner’s friends. I guess business is slow due to the low office occupants for the time being. In that case, this spells for good news to those who want to get some work or study done, wifi included! 

As time was abundant for the barista, we started a conversation with him about coffee and he reciprocated with patience. That was indeed a rare moment as the conversation lasted about 10mins. The beans they used are from Yahava Koffeeworks with blends of Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Columbia and was supposed to have floral, nutty and a tinge of cocoa. Unfortunately, I was only able to taste the tinge of cocoa and nutty-ness, but not floral. I need more training for my taste butt, and perhaps start to drink black coffee rather than latte. Nevertheless, it had a medium body which I enjoyed, but acidity was a little beyond my preference. 
We had our dinner at Curbside as well. Being a burger and chips fanatic, I ordered their Cheese Burger which was an in house recipe. The patty was 200g, wellness done up to medium, more importantly it was juicy and tender on the inside! On the other hand, calvin ordered a Mac and Cheese which was also their in house recipe. It tasted decent to me, nothing much to it. 
Overall, it was a good experience and staffs were friendly. Price was acceptable too as my burger cost $16, Latte was $4.5 and Mac Cheese was $15 (a little up for this) and no GST nor service charge!




21 Biopolis Drive
Nucleos #01-21
Singapore 138567
Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

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