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87) Craftsmen Specialty Coffee


Been waiting for the main opening of this cafe! With a name like Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, you know the emphasis is on coffee. First step into the cafe and I was teleported into another relm that was filled with coffee aroma. If you are a coffee enthusiast who makes your own coffee at home, you can also make some new purchases such as V-60, Chemex, Siphon, Woodneck and Cold Brew.

Apart from a selection of quiches, sandwiches and pastries, Craftsmen does not serve up mains, at least for now during the weekdays. According to the manager, mains will usually be served on weekends. However, you may enjoy their daily made and baked food (mentioned earlier) during any of your visits. 

For me, while I like to think of myself as a coffee lover, my coffee drinking repertoire stops at cafe latte and flat white (in the past was just mocha). Craftsmen uses beans from Dutch Colony, likewise for November 8. Dutch Colony being my 2nd favourite cafe (among 80+ cafes), therefore I had high expectations for Craftsmen, however, among these 3 cafes, Dutch Colony still does it the best, followed by November 8 then the latter. Having said that, Craftsmen still serves coffee that is above average. Perhaps, given a little more training for their barista, things will have improved by then. 

Will definitely visit this cafe again!


My 4th revisit to Craftsmen and they are getting better with their coffee each time I revisit. Good Job! Also, the Chocolate Almond Croissant was orgasmic! It was my first time trying out their pastry and I love it!


Finally, Craftsmen are serving more food variety, but mainly sandwiches and waffles as they do not have a kitchen. Check out the menu below.


Outlook of the cafe

Typical cold brew instrument displayed in the middle of the table. Similar to Dutch Colony Coffee
Always attracted to tungsten bulbs
Coffee Gadgets

Food and Beverage

From Top Left to Right: Cappuccino, Latte and Iced Latte



2 First Street, Siglap V
#01-01 Singapore 458278
Open from 8 am until 7.30pm (Tentatively)

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