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After I’ve finished my cuppa and book at Nylon Coffee Roaster, I “hopped” over to this cafe as I had 45mins more to spare. 

Concepts for both cafes are worlds apart. One was a minimalist and “bright” while the other is…just the opposite. In my opinion, this cafe really did bring out the cozy feel by strategically placed spotlights that brightens certain areas. 

Since I’ve had latte just 1 hour earlier, I wanted to have an alternative, but I couldn’t resist and just had to order latte to “complete” my mission of cafe hopping. 

While having a conversation with the barista during my order, I became a little skeptical about the standard of their coffee as she couldn’t give my question a definitely reply. Nonetheless, the latte was served in no time. Sip by sip…and the verdict is out…it was acceptable! Even though it wasn’t as smooth and was just a little more acidic than Nylon’s, but it had a stronger “body” which I was looking for. In comparison with my favourite Brawn and Brains (8.5/10), this will be 7/10!

For those who has a sweet tooth, they also have a wide variety of desserts to satisfy your cravings

Good Read
Interior: Seats
Interior: Wallpaper
“Would you like a cuppa?”
Another reason to drink coffee
 4 EVERTON PARK #01-40
Mon – Sun: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

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