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83) Common Man Coffee Roaster


Tuesday morning and it’s opportunity for brunch since I’ve got no morning training! 

Heard so much about this cafe/roaster and finally I’m here. Was welcomed by two eagles (strange though) which was situated at the entrance. It was 1130am and the place was already half occupied, mainly by expatriates. 

Everything on the menu “looks” delicious, unfortunately, my pocket weren’t deep enough to order every item. Frankly, the price was quite steep, but since I’m already here and with high popularity, why not give it a try? I ordered a Pulled Pork Burger while my friend ordered Ox Cheek Eggs Benny. Of course, I had a latte as well. 

It was first time trying pulled pork. It tasted awesome as the pork was tender and juicy and complimented perfectly with the sauce. Despite having fork and knife for my meal, but I decided get down and dirty! Thank goodness napkins were within reach, as with every bite I took, i had to follow-up with a wipe! 

I managed to have a taste of the poached egg. My gosh, it was heavenly! It wasn’t just an egg, but it was an art! It was solid on the outside (whites), viscous and yet runny on the inside (yolk). Basically there were three textures! At the same time, these are organic eggs from free range chicken as compared to the typical batches else where, probably explains its hefty price. 

The coffee was brilliant as well. Had a medium body, nice aroma, low acidity and a tinge of cocoa. I noticed that this is my type of coffee. 

Despite burning my pocket unexpectedly today, but it was still a good experience and having the chance to try out finer things in life. 


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Ox Cheek Egg Benny
Pulled Pork
Gone in 30s


22 Martin Road, #01-00
Singapore 239058
Contact Number:6836 4695
Daily: 8am to 7pm