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CoCo ICHIBANYA @ Westgate

Everyone (at least most people) enjoys being first in line for a new product (Eg. the ‘fruit’ phone) and probably hope to be the only person to own something exclusive. Even if they are not the first, nor is the product exclusive, yet humans are still willing to queue for hours, in hope, that they can get their hands on it (Eg. Hello Kitty plush toys)!

I am thankful for the invitation and privilege to try out the First in the WORLD and exclusive CoCo INCHIBANYA outlet that offers Japanese pancakes at Westgate without the hassle of queuing!


Although this is the 4th CoCo INCHIBANYA outlet in Singapore, however, it is the only outlet that offers Japanese pancakes for the time being. There are four variants – Caramel Nutty Pancake ($7.90), Banana Choco Pancake, Rainbow Fruity Pancake, and Happy Berry Pancake (all $8.90).

As much as we wanted to try all of them , but after having a portion of Curry Rice each, we decided to order two of them instead.

So here is the Caramel Nutty Pancake! Looking good eh?!



And Happy Berry Pancake!


What sets the pancakes from CoCo ICHIBANYA apart from other types available on the market is how they’re chewy and full of bite, and aren’t too cloyingly sweet. In addition, the pancakes at CoCo ICHIBANYA are small enough to enjoy on your own!

Coming back to the specialty of CoCo ICHINBANYA will be for its curry. There are lots of permutations to pair with your preference of Udon or Rice together with other ingredients! To further enhance your eating experience, CoCo  ICHIBANYA also allows selection of the spice level for your curry! In addition, carb-conscious diners will also appreciate the option to order less rice! How cool is that?!


Here were some of our mains and we ordered a plate of salad as well!

Pork Katsu

Succulent, Thick and Juicy Pork!!!


Curry Clams!


I was totally in love with the Pork Katsu! It was the BEST, yes, THE BEST I’ve encountered so far!












3 Gateway Drive #01-02
Singapore 608532


Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm

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