Claypot Rice @ Geylang Lorong 19 (He Ping Coffee Shop)

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Claypot Rice @ Geylang Lorong 19

(He Ping Coffee Shop)

Traditional clay pot rice that uses charcoal for preparation is at its brink of extinction. Before we take things for granted, have you have thought why would one go through such hassle instead of using a gas stove? At the same time, will using charcoal result with similar smoky effect like one would get during meat BBQ? What’s the theory and science behind it?


Well, legend has it that using charcoal will create a wider coverage of heat such that the base of the claypot gets sizzling hot evenly. With that, it is able to create a nice, crispy and burnt rice layer at the side and bottom part of the pot!

At He Ping coffee shop, oil (most likely sesame oil) and black sauce are provided to go together with the fragrant claypot rice. However, before the delicacy can be served, the rice had to be cooked from scratch in the claypot in order to infuse the smoky flavour and create the burnt crust. Therefore, it took about 20-25mins before it was ready to be served. As the saying goes, “good things are worth waiting”.

While many places will stir and mix the ingredients together with the rice, over here the ingredients were placed aside before the rice was mixed.

In the past, we ordered portion for 3 and it was only $12 … Honest pricing, honest portion and old school good food is the BEST! However, the coffeeshop has gone through a new facelift recently, therefore I reckon that there will be a new pricing.




Burning Coal (1)
Charcoal used for cooking
Oil and Black sauce added

148 Sims Avenue (off Geylang Lorong 19)

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