Café Crema: Italian Inspired Cafe At Westgate Mall

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137) Café Crema

Sept 2014

What a rare visit to the West, unless necessary, heading to Jurong East for food is quite out of the question! However, it was different this time round! Earlier on, I was at CoCo Ichibanya for a food tasting session and decided to pop by since I had spare time before my coaching session.

This Italian inspired cafe’s soft earth colour and rustic theme together with their menu (sandwiches & coffee) reminds me of Joe & Dough cafe! On top of that, they have Pasta and salads too.


As they seem to position themselves as a coffee specialty cafe, instinctively I had expectations for their coffee. Instead of my regular latte, I went for Piccolo in search for that ‘Oomph!’ since Piccolo has a stronger ‘punch’ than latte.


Coffee Chart

During my order, I inquired about their source of beans etc., but came back with a conversation stopping reply “Sorry, I don’t know (smile)”. Such a contradiction with my expectations I had earlier. Nevertheless, it’s too early to come with any conclusion.

While waiting for my orders….*Snap snap*



So here it is, my Piccolo ($5)!


It had decent strength in aroma and taste, but lacked the “Oomph!” factor which was a little disappointing for a Piccolo. At this juncture, I have to clarify that it wasn’t a poor cup of coffee as I have preference for “strong” coffee. In essence, it was still a delightful cuppa.

My friend order a Hazelnut Latte. Although I didn’t try it, but she claimed that she enjoyed it very much.


If you are here in the future, you may like to try out a simple Classic Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($11) or to more audacious pairings like pork cutlet in steak sauce.

A fine cafe in the West and a rare find for a mall in Singapore! Enjoy!


3 Gateway Drive, #01-06


Daily 9am-9pm


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