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I’m in tears of joy :’) Can’t believe that there’s a cafe that serves GOOD coffee and cost below $4. THIS IS THE BEST, REALLY! Between 14 Feb 2014 till 13 March 2014, I’ve been there 8 times. Gwen and Xavier (owner of the cafe) roast their own beans and I believe this is the reason for their unique flavour and quality for every cup of latte!

Brawn and Brains: One Stop Coffee Shack

The layout of the cafe is really simple and neat. Just a counter equipped with espresso machine and shelf to display their food and a small oven. They also displayed quite a few black and white art pieces on their wall for viewing pleasure. Apart from that, they will periodically change the flower decor on the table. Although this may seem trivia, however, these flowers somehow will capture my attention and admiration of its details.

Brawn and Brains

I’ve tried beans from Sumatra/Columbian, Sumatra/Mandheling, Coasta Rica, Hondurus, El Salvador and Brazil so far. In general, these beans have a medium-heavy body and low-medium acidity. Together with a skillful barista, you will get a cuppa that is reach in flavour and aroma. My preferred choice will be the Sumatra/Columbian blend as it is the most balanced amongst them and also has slight chocolate note to it.  

Around the vicinity  has a rock climbing/bouldering complex, Yoga Inc. and G Spa. 




Food and Beverage

It’s Brawn and Brains, not “Brawns” 😛
Bam…yes, that’s the word to describe it!





Another beautiful creation
Pretty Flowers…


100 Guillemard Road #01-07

Singapore 399718


Tue – Sun: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

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