Bistro Cool by Cool De Sac: Dining For Family (Closed)

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104) Bistro Cool (Closed)


Finally a visit here since its opening at the start of 2014 and despite my weekly church attendance at level 6.

Bistro Cool is a full service restaurant at Suntec Convention Centre and a partner with Cool De Sac which is an indoor playground for kids! With the tagline “Eat Well. Play Smart”, Cool De Sac truly know what it takes to groom a healthy child. By serving good food and encouraging kids to be active PHYSICALLY (not just thumb exercises and mental stimulation), this is a haven for kids!

What’s about Bistro Cool is their menu which extends to toddlers and kids (as young as 6 months) too. Parents do not have to feel guilty about letting their kids choose their own meals as Bistro Cool serves food with fresh ingredients. Just a glimpse of the kids menu: Carrot and Apple Puree ($2) and Lamb & Potato Stew ($6).


For the regular menu, Bistro Cool serves up mainly Western food like burgers, pasta and pizzas. What’s on my menu was the Korean Beef Burger ($17). Just a heads up for non kimchi fans, that includes me. Without looking at the menu carefully, I ordered this thinking that their beef would be a burger stacked with thin slices of bbq beef, how cool is that?!?! But I guess I allowed my imagination to run a little too wild this time round.


Nevertheless, the burger patty was amazing. Seriously good! It was huge, seemed like a 200gm patty (as it’s bigger than other typically claimed 200gm patties), packed with meat juice and done-ness was well managed such that it didn’t dampen my bun! 


Do also check out their drinks menu such as Craft beers and wines. Service by the staff made my visit a pleasurable one too!


I will definitely come back to try out other burgers (Tex Mex Burger & The Churrasco) and food the next round!

Looking forward to it!




Food and Beverages








3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall #02-379/80
Singapore 038983


Weekdays: 10:00 – 22:00
Weekends & Public Holidays: 09:00 – 22:00

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