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Started with one humble outlet at East Coast Road in 2005, Astons has expended into three classifications, namely Astons Express, Speciality and Prime, which can be found all over our tiny sunny island. If you are to dine at each different classifications, do take note that some of the prices may differ a little despite being the same order. 

At Astons, you will be spoilt for choice by their extensive menu. Astons Express (mainly found in heartland areas of Singapore) alone has 6 categories of food to choose from while Speciality has 2 addition categories and a slight extension in some existing ones. 

My personal favourite will be their iEAT super burger, however, it’s priced a little high at $14.90 nett and without chips or fries. Nevertheless, I believe they are the one and only burger that is served with a chunk of fried onions which tastes heavenly! On top of that, they do serve up a generous portion of beef patty (seems approx. 200g), with 2 strips of bacon and the usual lettuces and slices of tomato. Personally, I like my beef patty doneness to be medium as this retains the ‘juice’ within the meat while keeping my buns dry at the same time. 

Besides this signature burger, Astons do have regular burgers and chicken chops which are served in relatively big portions. According to friends, they find it value for money and is worth the visit. 

Hopefully Aston Soon, owner of Astons, will continue to stay true to his word by serving quality food at affordable price as times goes by!




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