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28/7/14 [Read: Assembly Coffee (Revisit)]

What a way to start the day on a Hari Raya Puasa! 

Instead of the usual formal meeting, my running committee (Wings Athletic  Club) met up for a short jogging session before heading for brekky at this cozy little cafe along Evans Lodge.  Such are the perks of being amongst sports people i guess! 

Firstly, do not be mistaken or confused by The Assembly Ground at The Cathay as these are entirely two different cafes with no relations.Since it was a public holiday, the cafe was quickly filled up. Thankfully, we were still able to get the last few seats without having the need to queue! Thank God! 


Want to make a guess of my order? You’ve got it (isn’t it obvious?), I ordered a latte to get my daily fix of caffeine! Assembly uses beans from Liberty which is one of Singapore’s largest roasters and wholesalers. Having said that, coffee was great! Love the flavour which was kinda earthy and caramel like. Latte art was one of the most beautiful one which I’ve received till date!


As for my mains, I ordered the Assembly Brick Toast. I’ve gotta said that this is the MOST creative form of bread I’ve seen so far and it tasty as good as it looks! It was toasted/oven baked again, the middle of the thick toast was made into ‘brick’ like cubes while coated with a thin layer of sugar.


On top of that, there was a serving of Vanilla Ice Cream and a portion of yogurt to go with. It was simply match made in heaven as the sweetness from the sugar coat, cold sensation from the ice cream complimented well with the gentle sourness of the yogurt!

Other mains ordered were the Chicken Pie, Muffin, Smoked Salmon Salad and a cereal yogurt dish.




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