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9/8/14 [3 of 6]

This was how I celebrated Singapore’s National Birthday – Cafe hopping in Jakarta with good company of friends! On the second day of my trip to the land of coffee, we visited our third cafe at Anomali Coffee. 

Anomali Coffee is similar to Singapore’s Chye Seng Huat Hardware, where they roast their own beans, educate the public and does retail. Over here, all the beans are from Indonesia. They have Papua Wamena, Sumatra Mandailing (common in Singapore), Flores Bajawa, Ach Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Jawa and Toraja. For more information on the beans, click HERE.

With luxury of land space and low rental, Anomali Coffee has a backyard corner where you can chill with friends as though you are in your own home! How I wish most of Singapore’s cafe can afford such luxury too! On top of that, this outlet is three floors high!


With such as nice brick wall, it calls for a OOTD shot!


Despite having such as nice cafe to chill in, we had to rush off early to another venue in order to avoid traffic jams, thus we had takeaways instead. 








Address and Open:

Click HERE

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