Ah Siong Roast Duck At Springleaf Coffeeshop

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Ah Siong Duck Rice

Located at Bedok South Ave 3, Ah Siong Roast Duck is probably one of the many stalls that sells roasted meat. However, Ah Siong is the only one that I know with above average standard around this district. So if you are reading this post and have recommendations, please comment below! Technically speaking, I always compare my roast meat to likes of  Fatty Cheong and Char Restaurtant as these are the guys that does it the best in my opinion! However, as there are many styles of preparation, so it may not be the most accurate way of comparison.

While at Ah Siong Duck Rice, instead of ordering duck, I went for my usual Roasted Pork and Char Siew (about $16).  Just at the sight of the racks of meat with layers of glazed was just temptatious and mouth watering! However, those suspense and expectations soon dropped when I saw that the meat was thinly sliced, which looked pretty pathetic. The next step is to eat it and confirm our verdict.


First mouth on the Roasted Pork, “Crack…Meltz…”, Pass! The Crust was crisp, thin and easy to eat. Meat was tasty too! Next was the Char Siew. Well, I gotta say that it’s kind of an acquired taste? But it found to like it after a few more mouths. Apart from it being thinly sliced which removed the joy of eating, the meat was quite sweet for my liking, initially . At the same time, they also added a thin layer of sour plum sauce, which I believe is their signature item. So it was definitely a first for me to have sweet and sour for my char siew. Nevertheless, I adapted and kinda liked it such that I was scooping the sauce off the plate!

So will I come back for Ah Siong Duck Rice? The answer is yes!

Lastly, be warned that there are lots of pigeons and they are commando trained! Yes, they are relentless and fearless!







Blk 69 Bedok South Ave 3 #01-468
Singapore 460069


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